Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript Book $9.50

Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript


Level up your software development career with this book!

This book explain classical Data Structures and Algorithms and how to implement them using JavaScript.

You will learn how to write faster code and ace technical jobs interviews questions. It provides many examples and illustrations to make the learning experience as smooth as possible.

DSA.js Book Topics

  • Fundamentals of Algorithms Analysis and examples for each
  • Detailed Big-O notation cheat sheet
  • Linear Data Structures: Arrays, Linked Lists, Stacks, and Queues.
  • Non-linear Data Structures: Trees, Binary Search Trees, Maps (Hash tables), Sets, Graphs
  • Sorting Algorithms


Why JavaScript?
There are many algorithms books in other languages like Java, Python, C/C++ but not many in JavaScript. This book fills the gap. Also, the concepts in this book are applicable to any programming language. Some algorithms books even use pseudo-code but providing real programming examples it's more beneficial.
How would I apply these to my day-to-day work?
As a programmer, we have to solve problems every day. The more tools and practice you have the better. This book helps you understand the tradeoffs among data structures and reason about algorithms performance.